Net Neutrality – What is it and why should you care?
Tuesday, March 09th, 2010 | Author:


I have been following Net Neutrality for quites some time now, and I have been wanting to write about this and explain a little bit from my point of view.
If you do a search on Net Neutrality, you will find tons of Pro-Net Neutrality articles, blogs and Rah Rah about how it will even the playing field and make sure everyone has equal access. Hmmm, have you heard that term somewhere recently? Health Care maybe?
Net neutrality is a somewhat complicated, Government attempt at leveling the playing field for computer users. The concept is that regulations and laws would be imposed on the Internet so Internet Service Providers could not block content or charge more for some content, similar to the way that Cable TV provides service, in Tiers, like the Gold package, etc.
The theory is that Big bad Internet companies are out to hose every single person, corporate greed, and only the rich will get the Internet. Again, sound like a familiar argument?
The problem I have with this whole thing, is the Government getting too involved in Private Businesses again. Do you see the theme here. Next thing you know, the Government regulations, if passed, might drive Internet companies out of business and guess who would take over, you got it, the Government.
Our Country is headed in a bad direction in my opinion, and that is too much Government take over of Private Businesses. Let private business compete and have a free market. Every time the Government gets involved, it stifles entrepreneurship, small businesses, and large.
Content providers, people like Yahoo and Google want Net Neutrality, why? Because they have a lot at stake, and if XYZ Internet provider for some reason provided their own search engine, then Google and Yahoo could loose money. Google has a couple of Executives on the presidents committees and they like this Government intervention, because it helps them.
The bottom line is that you should research this yourself. I do not like big government, so I am going to tell you this is bad. If you like big government and want to see it grow and take over more private business, then, this is a step towards that.
Since there is a lot of Pro Net Neutrality information out there, I have included a few links to sites that have very detailed information against the Government Regulating the Internet. I hope you take a few minutes to educate yourself, because this is coming up, right behind Health Care and Cap and Trade pushes.