Bad Adobe Update Messes up Internet Explorer
Friday, September 14th, 2012 | Author:

The good thing is, this is not a security issue, as much as a problem and your browser will not work correctly.

I know I always tell you to do Adobe updates, they do have important security issues that get fixed. But in this case, you may have gotten a bad update.

Well, this time, there was a bad Adobe update, and it really messes up Internet Explorer. It acts like a virus or hijack, but it is NOT that bad. It is just a problem (as far as I know)
How do you know you have the bad one?

If you are having seriously slow pages loading, or other problems displaying a page, but some pages work, then you need to download the latest Adobe Flash, which will fix it.
Basically Internet Explorer will just act strange and not like normal. Just using another browser is not the answer, you need to get this fixed.

All you need to do, is go to the Adobe Website and download the latest Flash player. Because your browser is slow, it may take a while, be patient. Make sure you download the latest Flash player. Currently the version is 11.4.402.265.

When you click on this link to download the latest play, make sure you UNcheck the added junk they are trying to put on your computer, like Chrome browser, etc. Then say RUN when it asks.

Here is the link.

If you have any questions on this, just email or call us.

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