FBI Fake Virus Warning
Monday, September 24th, 2012 | Author:

A good friend and fellow repair guy from MN emailed me with this one, then Dawn told me that a customer of ours got this virus and is bringing it in today. So this one is hitting a lot of people right now.

This is a bad one, and we are working on the removal process.

It looks like an FBI warning, claims you have done illegal things with your computer, and you are violation of laws and you hate puppies (ok, not really puppies). It also turns on the webcam if you have one, and shows your picture on the screen. It is freaky and scary because it looks like they are monitoring you, but it is only a virus. Below is what it looks like on a screen.

The page goes on to tell you to go to one of the companies listed, buy a money card, then enter it in to pay for your fines. PLEASE do not do anything like this. If you get this virus, you computer will be locked up and you will need to bring it in so we can remove it.

If you have this virus and this screen,  it is too late and Control+alt+Del will not work.

However if you get a suspicious page or pop up, you can try using Control+Alt+Delete to close the window and it may help prevent getting the virus. We are not positive how this one is getting on the computer.

Just a reminder, here is the good ol’ technique to get rid of suspicious windows Hit Control+Alt+Delete, then choose task manager, then highlight the task and click on end task.

If you get a weird window, and do this process, reboot your computer and run a full Virus scan.

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