Microsoft is Forcing Windows 10 on All Computers this month
Friday, February 05th, 2016 | Author:

If you have a Windows 7 computer (or Vista) you do not need, nor do you probably want the Windows 10 “upgrade” Windows 10 does work on some older computers without problems. However, there is no guarantee it will work with every one as I am finding out.

I have had to revert several computers this past month back to Windows 7 or Vista because Windows 10 was not compatible with their older computer. From sound not working to the Internet not working, there are some problems with older computers and Windows 10.

I have not been happy how Microsoft is pushing Windows 10, but now they have really gone over the top.

This month their Wednesday updates which are due out soon, will be pushing out Windows 10 on your regular Windows updates. They say they will give you the option to not upgrade or not, but you have to really pay attention and refuse it when it offers it. Generally they do not give you a NO button, you just have to deselect it or uncheck it.

I know you have probably been getting the annoying messages daily, but we just have to keep putting up with that for now. Just keep ignoring it if you do not want 10.

There are a few steps you NEED to take to make sure the automatic update to 10 is not installed on your computer.

I have attached a screen shot of what your windows update settings should be set to.

Go to your Control Panel>Windows Update

Click on Change Settings on the left upper side of the screen

Click on the down Arrow under Important updates and change it to Check for updates but let me choose…

Uncheck the box that says Recommended Updates, give me recommended updates the same way…

Now the Updates will ask you each time before it  installs updates. You need to take a minute and look at the updates  each time and make sure Windows 10 is not on the list to update on your computer. If it is, you can uncheck it, and then let the rest of the updates run.

Oh NO, Windows 10 is now on my computer, what do I do?

Don’t panic, if Windows 10 is on your computer and you want to revert back to Vista or 7, it is pretty easy.

Click on the start MENU>Settings. Then click on RECOVERY.

Click on the GET STARTED button under Go Back to Windows 7.

That is it. It will reinstall Windows 7 or Vista, whatever was installed before 10 took over.


One Last tip that helps:

If you go into Windows updates and see the Windows 10 update listed and sitting there ready to download in the list of updates, Here is what you do.

Go to Windows update and look at the list of important updates. See if Windows 10 is there. If not, click on the RECOMMENDED Updates and see if Windows 10 update is listed there. If not in either spot, don’t worry about this step. If it is there, follow the directions below:

RIGHT click the Windows 10 update it and click on HIDE Update. I found that this is another safeguard to not get the Windows 10 update, even if you accidentally click YES on the nagging window, it will just not install with the update “HIDDEN”

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