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Free at LastIt was not easy, in fact it took a lot of work to copy all of the information that I wanted from my blogs, Picasa photo account, and other places, and put them on my own website and domain.

After all that work, I finally hit the delete my account button, and I would love to say my information is gone. But I have a sneaking suspicion that Google will keep my information for a while. That is how they do business.

If you are reading this, you are reading my blog on the new site of Paul’s Computer Repair, controlled by us, not Google.

If you are not a believer and think this is all Google scare, just think about how much information, private information is in the hands of one company.

Here are the accounts I had information on:

Blogger (3 blogs, and the wife has 2), Google checkout (now wallet), YouTube, Google Adwords, Picasa Web Albums, Gmail, Google Analytics (website statistics), talk (Google chat), docs, igoogle home page, and every time I did a search on Google.

That is a lot of info, and that is not all of it. There are many other “products” that they collect information from. One of the latest is Google + which I have stayed away from, that is the FaceBook challenger, and of course, collecting lots of information ab0ut every user and their friends.

There have been a lot of articles and stories about the lack of fair privacy policies that users can understand. There have also been many incidents showing the power and amount of information that Google is amassing.

Here is a recent example article about the combining of data from CNN

So of course Google decides to help us out, and combine all of our accounts into one. Making the privacy so much easier for us. This combining of all of your Google related accounts will happen on March 1st, whether or not you like it.

Anyone with any brain knows when a company touts how it is going to help you, the first thing is, what is the company getting out of it?

Well, Google is a huge advertising company, they are not a search engine company, which is what everyone thinks of. They sell advertising and data on people’s habits. They have too much of it, and are becoming very scary.

Another thing that is scary, adding to their list of info they keep is the Android operating system they own. Every phone that has it is run by this company, who has every bit of information that goes through your phone. And if that is not enough, Google has been found to have recently bypassed security in Apple’s Safari and IE9 browsers.

I am done with Google. I really like their search engine and I have used it for years, but they have gone too far.

There is an alternative, using This site uses results from Google, but the info that goes to Google is from them, and your privacy is never breached. Pretty cool idea, check it out at

Windows Live Writer, Cool or Crud?
Tuesday, April 06th, 2010 | Author:


I was downloading Windows Movie Maker, which is a part of Windows Live, a group of free programs from Microsoft.

The first thing I do not like for the average user, is they have everything checked off, even if you only want one program, and it installs a bunch of junk you don’t need, or necessarily want.

I have not looked at Movie Maker yet, but I took the bait on Live Writer, which is what I am writing this blog post on.

I am testing it out to see how cool this program is, compared to what they “say” it will do. So far, for posting on a blog, I really like it. Nice, compact, and very MS Word like, even has spell check.

I also downloaded the Live Photo Gallery which I will test and review in a later blog post.

I am going to do my usual upload a photo, and see if this Live Writer makes it any easier. I have also had problems on formatting my blogger posts, so we will see how that work also!

I will edit this post, once it is online, and let you know what I think of the upload process into your blog.

UPDATE – after the upload

OK, I uploaded my blog from the Windows Live tool, and I am stunned, shocked and in awe. It was very easy, and worked without a hitch.

It even uploaded my picture right off my computer, and usually it has to be uploaded from Blogger itself. I do see that the screenshot/picture is a bit blurry, and I will look into that, may have been something I did.

UPDATE to the Graphic – Yes, it was my fault, I saved the graphic as a .gif and it was los res. I cannot beleive how well this works, and if you need to update, you do it in live writer and just republish, and it does the updates. Wow.

If you have a Blog, and want to try this, I can say, you will probably never do it any other way. This thing rocks for publishing blogs. If you have not done a blog because you thought it was too much work, this takes a lot of the work out of it!

If you want to explore some of the offerings from Microsoft’s Windows Live collection, click here

Remember, you do not have to use Windows Messenger, and you can uncheck any programs you do not want to load. Uncheck the join Windows live if you do not want a Windows Live ID.