Lots of work completed this weekend

From getting all the snowflakes and roof stuff done, to getting the train foundation and track all laid out, we got a lot done!

The snowflakes lasted two seasons without a problem, but we have to replace the lights on one. Dawn is working on cleaning up a few of the candies along the walk that are looking a little ragged.

Big thanks to Steve and George for all their hard work and Dawn for the great photos!

The 2013 Workshop is Officially Open!

What a beautiful day, the weather was perfect, and we were able to get a really good start on the 2013 Light Display.

The Snowflakes are up!

We had a work party on Sat and got quite a bit done. Steve got the snowflakes up on the roof. I was shocked they all worked, and no repairs needed. That was nice!

George and I worked on the star topper for the new spiral trees. We made good progress.

Then there is mounting the lights on the spiral tress. It is much harder than it looks. We will continue on and we have to get them done this week. Only two weekends to get everything set up! Holy Moley….

Serious work on the 2012 Christmas Display is on…

With the whole Mayor Campaign, the prop making for the Cascade Christmas Lights has been a little slow. This past weekend we started up the workshop, and got some stuff done!

My brother Steve and I worked on the 2 new Spiral trees, and got them fully built and painted. Got the lights ready, and this weekend we will get the lights mounted and then time to test!

I have been working on synchronizing music since July. We have some great new songs lined up for this year. It is getting exciting and beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!

Christmas Season Build is Underway


Yes indeed, it is July and actually I started working on planning the 2012 Christmas display back in January of this year.

The plans for this season include a few new props, that are going to look super out in the display.

Obviously the first one is the Singing Grinch, you can check out the video below.

The next big items are going to be two spiral trees with spinning stars on top. We should be starting on those projects in the next few weeks.

Of course, we still have to take down and put away the Patriotic Display first!

Thanks to Dawn for the great photo and video.

2012 Patriotic Light Show is Up and Running!

It has been a crazy and busy couple of weeks, but we got the show up and running on time, 9 pm tonight.

A big thanks to my friends George, Clark and my brother Steve for all their hard work and help. Of course a big thanks to Dawn for all her help too!

This is the first time with video, so there were some last minute issues since that is such a new addition to our display. It is looking good now.

Testing the Video Screen for the Summer Patriotic Show

A few weeks ago we built and tested the video screen and ran some sample videos.

It looks awesome, and we were worried about the light on the screen since it does not get fully dark by 9pm during the summer here, but it will work great.

The show is coming along, songs are almost all done, and of course, all of the last minute stuff is coming up. Working on checking all the lights and prep this weekend.