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Paul’s Computer Repair Guarantee

Quality Service

We provide the highest quality of repair and best customer service that you will find in the Willamette valley. We take pride in our service and stand behind every repair and new system that we build.

Repair Work

I personally guarantee all repair work for 30 days from the date the computer was picked up. My goal is to make your computer work it's best, and make you a happy customer. The bottom line is this, I will give you old fashioned service and treat you as a valued customer. Your business and referrals, because you had a good experience, are the cornerstone of my business.

If a problem or issue was not corrected during a repair, and the computer exhibits the same symptoms as when the computer was first brought in, We will make every attempt to fix that problem. There may be additional labor or parts charges to fix the problem.

The customer needs to contact us ASAP when it is determined that there is still a problem. Over time problems will get worse, and we need to get it taken care of immediately.

New Computers

I personally guarantee all new computers that we build for 1 year covering parts and labor. We will repair and replace any defective parts on any machine we sell during that first year.


We cannot be responsible for re-infections with viruses or malware, water or power damage, misuse, or any other damage not resulting in the actual repair work done by us.

Paul's Computer Services will not be responsible for viruses, malware or other computer hardware or software failures that occurred after a repair. I cannot be responsible for other issues arising from misuse, kids shoving mac and cheese in the CD Drive, beating on it with a hammer, water damage, dropping, kicking, fire, or other acts of God.