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Repair Services Price List

Shop Labor

Full Service Cleanup usually runs from 1.5 to 2 Hours labor - $112.50 - $150

Other labor such as troubleshooting, soldering, data recovery is all billed the hourly rate.

Payment is due in full upon completion of the repair, prior to release of the repaired machine.

Hourly Rate                             $75

Half Hour Labor is the minimum charge for troubleshooting and diagnosing problems.

Minimum Charge                 $37.50

Trend Micro Maximum Internet Security

Paul's favorite Internet Security Program for many years. We buy in bulk so we can save you money and provide excellent Internet security.

New Computer Systems

Have Paul build you a brand new state of the art computer to replace that slow, dying old one. Each System carries a full 1 year warranty on parts and labor.

This is the perfect replacement tower for your old machine.

The new system includes the highest quality parts, assembly, Windows operating system, set up and copying data from an old system.

This replacement computer does not include a monitor, keyboard, mouse or speakers, you just use your old working ones, or we can add new devices for an additional  charge.

New Computer Tower by Quote

quote            $675

Have Paul search out the perfect laptop for your needs and get it all set up, including copying data from another computer. Price depends on individual choices for each model.

New Laptop                         Varies

Trend Micro Maximum Internet Security for up to 3 devices (pc's, phones, tablets) for 1 year.

Trend Micro Maximum Internet Security

$38 year


Hourly Rate                             $75

For businesses needing custom support tailored to their specific needs.

Slide Scanning

Prices are per slide copied. $25 minimum job. Copying photos to CDs, DVDs or Flash Drive additional cost.

Slides scanned on a professional Nikon Coolscan 5000ED scanner for the highest quality results.

  1. Use of compressed air to clean your slides
  2. Your choice of 2 scan resolutions: 2000 or 4000 Pixels Per Inch (PPI)
  3. Digital ICE Dust & Scratch Removal
  4. Images saved to JPEG or TIFF format
  5. Output to CD or Data DVD, Flash drive or external hard drive.

2000 PPI- (5x7) Quality            .29

4000 PPI- (12x18) Quality        .39

Copy Charge DVDs                  $3

Copy Charge Flash                  $5

Or External Hard Drive