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Paul's Slide Scanning Services

There are so many people that took 35mm slides back in the 1950s - 1990s. Those slides sit hidden away in the closet, out of sight. I am sure this has nothing to do with "the old dragging out the projector and screen syndrome" or the "I thought that bulb was good last time we used it" scenario. In plain English, it is just a pain in the neck to get everything set up just to view some old memories.

I have a custom service that you are going to love. I can scan those old slides in, digitize them, and put them on a DVD or CD so you can have them electronically. Once in this format, you can edit them yourself, send them to others in an email, post them on a webpage, make a slide show for the computer or TV, and much more.Nikon Super Coolscan 5000

I have a Professional Nikon Coolscan 5000ED that has superb quality that you won't believe. This scanner has a Nikon ED glass lens and scans at a whopping 4000 Pixels per Inch, which means you can get poster size prints from a scan.

I found that when I scanned in over 2000 of my father's old slides and a whole lot of my own, that there were pictures that many of my family had never seen. Mainly because they were too dark, and you just could not see them on the screen. Now you can get those slides in a format that all the family can enjoy them and they can be passed down to generations.

My services include using Digital ICE dust and scratch removal which does a beautiful job at removing most of the junk that is on the old beat up slides. As an option Digital ROC and GEM will restore the color and and sharpness of the photo.

I have two types of scanning. One for those who just want the basics,  and the other where I do some editing and clean up on them. The prices also reflect the quality and size of the scan, as you can see. If you have any questions, just go to the contact page and send me an email or give me a call.

Click Actual Scan Results  to see a photo before and after, and what the dramatic difference is.

Economy Scan

Basic service for those who want to do their own cleanup and editing.

1. Use of compressed air to clean your slides
2. Your choice of 3 scan resolutions: 2000, 2710, or 4000 DPI
3. Digital ICE Dust & Scratch Removal
4. Images saved to JPEG or TIFF format
5. Output to CD or Data DVD

Per slide cost          Print Photo Quality

2000 ppi .29              5 x 7

2710 ppi .39              8 x 10

4000 ppi .49              12 x 18

Regular Scan 

Scanning service with cropping, rotating, adjusting lighting, color correction, for a more finished looking scan with images that are more ready to use.

1. Use of anti static brush & compressed air to clean your slides
2. Your choice of 3 scan resolutions: 2000, 2710, or 4000 DPI
3. Digital ICE Dust & Scratch Removal, ROC Color Enhancement, GEM Grain Sharpening
4. Manual adjustment of image contrast, brightness, color, and levels
5. Cropping & Rotating
6. Images saved to JPEG or TIFF File format
7. Output to CD or Data DVD
8. Includes quality slide storage boxes that hold about 40 slides each

Per slide cost          Print Photo Quality

2000 ppi .59              5 x 7

2710 ppi .69              8 x 10

4000 ppi .79              12 x 18

$25 Minimum fee per job

Recording Fees, per CD or DVD

CDR  –  2.50                                     700 MB

DVD –R  –  5.00                               4.2 GB

DVD –R Archival  – 8.00                4.2 GB

How many scans will fit on a CD or DVD?

Based on an uncompressed, 35mm, full image scan, including a small border (slide mount) the following is an approximate 700MB CD-R image count capacity.  For cropped slides about 10% more will fit.

44 tiff format scans per CD-R at 2000 PPI
24 tiff format scans per CR-R at 2710 PPI
11 tiff format scans per CD-R at 4000 PPI

163 tiff format scans per DVD-R at 2710 PPI
80 tiff format scans per DVD-R at 4000 PPI

Important Information about the Scanning Process

Digital ICE ™ Image Correction and Enhancement
removes defects or
scratches on the surface of the film without losing any details or any other elements of the original image.

Digital ROC ™ Restoration of Color
brings faded color of old films or slides back to life. Enjoy vibrant, faithfully rendered images.

Digital GEM™ Grain Equalization & Management
reduces the effects of film grain. The resulting images are sharp, clear and devoid of graininess.

The economy scan slides will have the round border of the slide included in the scan. With the Regular scan service, we crop out the border for a more finished looking scan.

Slides must be 2x2 cardboard or plastic mount slides. They need to be in bundles or in boxes, not in trays or sleeves.

Slides will all be scanned together in one main folder. If separate folders or categories for groups are needed, there will be a $5 charge per folder created. This is due to the extra time of organizing and separating the categories.

We will keep a temporary backup or your scans for 30 days. Make sure you make a back up copy of your files.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you are not happy with my scans, we will do whatever we can to fix them to your satisfaction or your money back.

I look forward to helping you preserve those memories and get them into digital format so everyone can enjoy them!